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Diploma in Artistic Ceramics      since 2005  Working as freelance designer and teacher for ceramics in Höhr- Grenzhausen  1999- 2004  employed as a ceramic designer at the Villeroy&Boch`s tile department in Mettlach, Germany  2002  Workshop in Tokoname in Japan
 since 1999 own studio
 1999 graduate of the full degree certificate in Artistic Ceramics (Diplom Freie Kunst/Keramik FH Koblenz)
 1995- 99 Study at the Universitiy of applied sciences Koblenz, Institut of Ceramic and Glass Arts in Höhr- Grenzhausen, Germany
 1994- 95 Education at the "Staatl. Fachschule für Keramik- Gestaltung" in Höhr- Grenzhausen, Germany
 1993 "Fachhochschulreife"
 1992- 93 Education at the "Fachoberschule für Gestaltung", Trier, Germany
 1993 "Gesellenprüfung" Examination as a ceramic    1989- 92 Training as a ceramic, Pottery Peltner, Dernbach, Germany
 1971 born in Neuwied, Germany
   Ceramic Courses  Japanese Coiling Technique Large pots are made by a japanese coiling technique. Either the potter moves round the pot or a wheel is used. A clay base is made , to which large coils are added one at a time. A coil is held in the right hand, the slack trailing over the shoulder. After the addition of one or two coils, the shape is consolidated by beating with a wooden paddle. The pot is often formed in serveral stages, each of which is allowed to stiffen before adding the coils of the next stage. These technique will be demonstrated and trained. A diashow give you an idea of japanese coiling and the land itself.
Figurative modelling of a life model Basics for the understanding of life model.
The arrangement of the figure Learning of proportions The anatomical structure of humans
The acquired knowledge serves manufacturing of sculptures from clay/tone whether nature-realistically or abstract remains for the participant. One works both with and without model.
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